Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it cost to paticipate in an event?

For each fellow accepted in an event, costs are covered.


2. How do I apply to participate in an event?

Applications are completed through  online application 


3. When shall the selection results be published?

Within the 3rd week after the application deadline.


4. What does it take for a fellow to be selected?

Interests and commitment expressed in the application.


5. Can I use other language not English/French?

Non, since English or French is the working language.


6. Whom can I contact for additional questions?

Please, contact us via:


7. What is a Terram Pacis event?

Educational activities aiming to provide learning space.


8. Who trains at the Terram Pacis events?

The trainers in the Terram Pacis trainers pool.


9. Does Terram Pacis offer academic credit?

Non, we only offer certificate of participation!

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