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The future of the Menstrual Movement.

To develop a global menstrual movement's agenda for menstrual health advocacy among young people; only strengthening youth workers capacity in creating inclusive and supportive spaces for youth to become familiar with the purpose of menstruation is not enough on its own, this needs to go hand in hand with developing country-based policies and research to effectively tackle myths, stigma, and taboos surrounding menstruation.

Whereas the focus of menstrual health and hygiene work has been on the global south, it is very apparent that education about MHH is lacking in the global north as well. We look how most of us tend to ignore myths in our own countries or regions and talk of "myths in those other places". In doing so, we forget to end the shame and silence associated with periods in our own houses.

These common challenges are linked to the socio-cultural environment adaptation, and a lack of emotional support. Parents often transmit menstrual hygiene standards to their girls that urge them to watch out for Menarche and make sure to avoid any trace of blood, which strengthen parental control. Consequently, teenage girls internalise a duty of self-control concerning their menstruation, which can cause anxiety and discontent on their first periods.

Youth work is the best educational approach to address menstruation more broadly. Through youth work, we have seen a rise in effective community interventions and media-based awareness-raising campaigns on complex issues. It is thus feasible for youth work to integrate such approaches to ensure that the future of the menstrual movement is owned by young people.
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Menstrual health in gender lens.

Though we are making progress, it is difficult to facilitate behavioral changes and achieve period positive attitudes while most of the existing menstrual health awareness initiatives do not meet the learning needs of the various menstruating people. Read more

Period Empowerment progress.

We are halfway in implementing this project, and a lot has been done within the past 12 months in terms of developing the civic spirit and skills of youth and youth workers to raise awareness on menstrual health, hygiene and management. Read more
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