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Stockholm+50, why youth engagement is crucial

Published on 13.05.2022 at 09:17

Environment and climate justice is a top priority for the youth and presents opportunities for broader youth activism. In recent years, youth concern about environment and climate justice; pollution and waste; nature and biodiversity loss; has emerged as the top issues driving youth activism and participation at the ballot box. Thus, this creates fruitful pathways for youth civic engagement: youth and youth-led organisations have proven to be active stakeholders in steering sustainable development through their actions on restoration and protection of biodiversity, nature conservation, and environment protection.


Understanding how different youth, in different parts of the world, reflect on environment and climate justice as a political and human rights issue, and how it relates to their capacity for activism, are the main aspects the Stockholm+50 is relying on to maximise youth potential. In its planning and implementation, Stockholm+50 brings about youth engagement to make sure that the youth have access and opportunities to participate in such a high-level meeting on environment. Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force responsible for facilitating youth engagement has been, is, and will continue to be, an effective pathway for the youth to advocate for environment and climate justice.


Such a civic pathway is crucial since there is still massive untapped potential to engage the youth based on their interests in environment and climate justice; so it can create opportunities for them to develop and wield their civic power. Youth knowledge and unique ability to reach, engage their peers are powerful assets necessary to address pollution and waste, nature and biodiversity loss, and other planetary ills that are affecting current and future prosperity and well-being. Hence, Stockholm+50 Youth creates a unique platform to call on States to support young people to become more aware of their rights and put them at the forefront of fighting for environment and climate justice.

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