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Those lived experiences that shape our lives

Published on 26.07.2021 at 11:21

Each person’s life is a journey full of many, interesting, unique, yet challenging, and sometimes painful stories that shape who we become. But do we really consider that each and everyone of us is shaped by those stories, that each and everyone of us has now and then heavy burdens to carry? Yes, we all have many things to do, to worry about, to sort out, and friends, family, partners to care for, goals to reach, work to do, etc. So perhaps before judging, assuming, or setting expectations we could be considerate of others; asking and truly listening to how each lived experience is a story to embrace, a story that defines our identity on this journey.


Today, we find ourselves immersed in a multitude of competing narratives across diverse platforms from theatre, music, film, TV, comedy, storytelling, to the internet all creating stories that aim to resonate with an audience. But what about our stories, and those stories from friends, family, partners, or strangers; after all, each and every of us is a storyteller! Indeed when we meet that stranger who soon becomes an acquaintance, then a friend, this happens naturally based on how we are connecting and resonating with their lived experiences from their accomplishments to how they deal with setbacks, and this is done through face-to-face conversation, an experiential storytelling.


With our project, the lived experiences that shape our lives, we are exploring how face-to-face conversations with strangers in different countries and cities are a great communication tool, which facilitates us to connect with a person through their stories. This is the beauty of experiential storytelling, a face-to-face conversation where we are humbled to be invited into a person’s intimate space, a moment of vulnerability in which we suffer, feel, celebrate with that person while creating compelling, educational, beautiful, and yet memorable relationships through our lived experiences, our stories that shape our lives.

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