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Updates on youth health literacy project

Published on 13.02.2023 at 18:21

From February 07 to February 10th 2023, we hosted the second transnational project meeting for the Youth Health Literacy Project. The project consists of 5 Intellectual Outputs, which are being developed simultaneously, where each partner is responsible for developing 1 Intellectual Output. In the meeting, the partners reviewed the status of Intellectual Outputs design, development, and production. After presenting each Intellectual Output by lead partner, there were discussions and feedback. Overall, the project’s results development work is on track as each partner is complying with the set deadlines.


Since there are no delays, it was agreed that all Intellectual Outputs (IOs) are to be completed by July 31: IO1. Educational manual  for youth organisations on youth health literacy education in youth work. IO2. Educational manual  for youth organisations on youth mental health promotion and prevention in youth work. IO3. Educational manual for youth organisations on drug abuse prevention and youth wellbeing in youth work. IO4. Educational manual for youth organisations on sexual health, rights and gender literacy in youth work. IO5. Digital educational platform containing reliable information on youth health services in project countries and on the health and rights of youth.


Youth Health Literacy Project is co-funded by the Erasmus plus programme under KA-2: Cooperation partnerships. The project seeks to advocate for a youth work that meets the youth’s health literacy education needs through inclusion and diversity. Thus, the project’s Intellectual Outputs development focuses on developing approaches that offer potential for reaching out to and engaging with youth to claim and exercise their rights to health in relation to EU’s Youth Health Policies. This matters since there is growing evidence that health and literacy are closely linked, and thus influence parameters of youth inclusion such as inequality, discrimination, power relations, and income levels.

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