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Youth Education

The program mentors young men and women, who are standing up for the right of all to have access to good quality education. Further, designs capacity building or empowerment programs to support the youth to demand better education services, and accountability from policy makers through advocacy, funding, monitoring & evaluation.


Our topics

Social Entrepreneurship: equips fellows with social entrepreneurial skills to solve the challenges of social and/or environmental nature, and resource for practicing. Sustainability Leadership: equips fellows with financial leadership skills, which guide them in scaling impacts of their non-profit ventures towards growth and sustainability.

Why do it

Education is at the core of what we stand for, it is the key to peace, freedom, development, and human rights. Thus, we aim at building society where, no matter the circumstances young people can grow up to achieve anything they set their mind to; and promote a youth work, in which youth play a key role in shaping education policies.

How it works

The results produced by the program are used by the Editorial to produce youth learning and training modules that respond to young people's learning needs. We aim to develop learning approaches to knowledge about women, men, and gender-related issues through innovative learning activities, theories, perspectives, & frameworks.

To achieve what

The courses are Problem-solving-oriented and focus on generating new ideas, methods, and solutions towards the challenges of social and environmental issues. Thus, participants become familiar with social entrepreneurial concept in non-formal education settings and apply it in practice; developing sustainable ventures to apply skills.


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