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Competences of the future

The Competences of the future - adaptation to market needs project; aims to update education offer through exchange of good practices between partners with the experience in the field of vocational education of youth and adults. The project activities are aimed primarily at the teachers and youth educators, as the direct beneficiaries of project results. The project responds to the lack of flexibility in the education system in Poland when it comes to adapting to the dynamically changing labour market and the lack of tools to adapt modern education methods to develop the competences of the future among youth.


The objective is to take steps to update and adapt vocational education offer in Poland by: (1). Strengthening the capacity of teachers and educators in the field of formal and non-formal education; (2). Creating tools necessary for the development of youth's key competences from the perspective of employers’ requirements and the changing conditions in the global labour market; (3). Developing teaching materials regarding the needs and problems related to vocational education in Poland; and (4). Increasing the involvement of public and private institutions in vocational education of youth and adults, as a direct response to employers’ needs in terms of the skills of potential employees.


So, to meet this objective, the project seeks to involve teachers and youth and adult educators to ensure maximum adaptation of project results to the needs and gaps of direct beneficiaries. Based on partners experience and exchanged good practices, an interactive online platform will be created that will facilitate teachers and educators to learn about modern teaching methods and be able to adapt the methods to the audience and competences that they teach and develop as part of their education path. Thus, the project is a response to the needs of teachers and educators, but also indirect beneficiaries such as youth, adult learners striving for professional development, and the employers, which makes the project results fully scalable and sustainable.

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