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Welcome to hormonize the podcast

Published on 04.01.2024 at 01:16

We are proud to have worked with amazing and inspiring students who are taking on youth health literacy with a focus on menstrual health and hygiene through storytelling; using a podcast to share their stories! "Access to quality sexual and reproductive health services and information is essential to protect and promote youth health and their ability to plan their lives and thus achieve optimal health outcomes. Yet, harmful social, cultural, gender norms, power imbalances, and inequalities make accessing health information and services challenging, if not impossible for young people, especially young women.


We are proud to share with you what we have been working on: Hormonize the podcast, a four episodes podcast. In the first episode, we are not only introducing ourselves, but we are taking you through the menstrual cycle and its phases. Did you know that as a woman your hormones are continuously changing? We are discussing these major hormones, their function, and how they fluctuate throughout the cycle. In second Episode, we take you through the different symptoms you may experience during the cycle. We discuss what they could stem from, what too much or too little of one hormone could cause, and what options you have to recognize and address these symptoms.


In third episode, we talk about nutrition and sports in relation to the menstrual cycle! We start off talking about general guidelines each person could follow. Then we dive deeper into specific foods and different types of movement that can support each phase of the cycle! In fourth and final episode, we discuss everything about lifestyle, femininity, hygiene. We talk about the importance of sleep and habits, and give you some tips on herbs, supplements, and essential oils that can be good to support your cycle. We also touch upon hygiene, suggesting what period products are best to use.” You can listen to the podcast on our website, Apple podcasts, and Spotify podcasts.

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