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Human Rights Education

The program examines social, cultural and individual understanding of the human rights law and humanitarian law, and improves youth perception of today’s diverse and multicultural world; an open mind on the challenges of human rights violations, humanitarian aid and foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes within these fields.


Our topics

International Bill of Human Rights: focus on Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and Civil & Political Rights and its Optional Protocols International Humanitarian Law: focus on rules and legal framework applicable to situations of armed or violent conflicts and occupation.


Why do it

When a disaster strikes; human rights violation, war or conflicts can destroy a life and all assets in the blink of an eye. We prepare youth to adopt human rights and a set of humanitarian principles, that aim to limit the effects of violent conflict, involving actions which seek to protect those who are not, or no longer, participating in hostilities.


How it works

The results produced by the program are used by the Editorial to produce youth learning and training modules that respond to young people's learning needs. We aim to develop learning approaches to knowledge about women, men, and gender-related issues through innovative learning activities, theories, perspectives, & frameworks.


To achieve what

The courses are Problem-solving-oriented and focus on generating new ideas, methods, or solutions towards the challenges to human rights and humanitarian response. The participants become familiar with human rights advocacy and humanitarian system through non-formal education practices and how to apply these into practice.


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