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Vulnerable because there is none to talk to

Published on 10.11.2023 at 12:19

They say that time heals every wound. Only now do I understand that. I was reckless but with the necessary help, I started to accept it as a part of my past. I felt so alone then, my parents were always busy and my brother and I never got along, so I started talking to people online. It seemed fun, an interesting way to kill time because I had no one around. That was when I met him. He was so sweet! It felt like I was finally appreciated, seen! When he told me he loved me and wanted to see me, I was thrilled! I arrived at his place and I saw an older man at the door.


He said the boy was inside, waiting for me. Then he locked the door. I was really scared, I thought I was going to die! I screamed, but no one heard me! I cried and begged him to let me go, to just stop, but he never did! When he was not alert, I tried calling my mom but in vain, she did not pick up. He got mad and hit me again. I was too afraid to talk about what happened. It made me feel used and unlovable. I thought I was at fault for everything and I could not forgive myself! When I engaged in online conversations, I saw it as a harmless thing to do. Everybody uses social media and that made me ignore the real danger behind the screen.


I did not believe there was someone that could understand me, so I kept silent even when I was sick, days later. It got so bad that I was hospitalised, after feeling nauseous. It was then that I found out I lost a baby I did not know I had. With all the evidence, the police arrested the man. It was very hard to talk about everything, but justice was served! Finally, after all the suffering, I was at peace! As for my parents, only now they realised what was truly happening to me and apologised, but it is hard to forget these kinds of events. It will take time. But for now, I am claiming my story to help others that might fall victims. I needed love, but not words to fill the void inside me. Youth Sexual Health

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