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Youth health literacy manual

Published on 19.09.2023 at 13:30

This manual offers a youth health literacy education to strengthen the youth’s capacity to obtain, process, understand, and apply basic health information needed to make appropriate health decisions, but also to raise awareness of the importance of achieving a greater state of youth health and well-being. The manual contributes to the improvement of youth health; considering that health literacy is a crucial public health matter: a fundamental component of the pursuit of youth health, well-being and human rights that guarantees youth's autonomy and responsibility for their own health and well-being. 


Youth are continuously bombarded with health information, more worryingly, health misinformation and disinformation, and thus, they have difficulties and encounter obstacles in finding, understanding, and analysing the essential health information they need to safeguard their own health and well-being. The manual contributes to the improvements of the current state of youth health literacy by providing youth health literacy education that reflects the needs of youth: identifying the health knowledge, skills, attitudes, and habits that youth want to develop in order to achieve an optimal health and well-being, especially with regard to youth health and youth’s rights to health. 


Through youth engagement, we tried to ascertain how youth perceive youth health literacy and especially what they think could be improved in order to make it easily accessible for all. Thus, the manual gives guidelines for youth workers, youth organisations often faced with situations of youth distress due to youth health misinformation and disinformation but do not have tools to promote youth health literacy among young people. So, the manual provides justification for youth health literacy, offers a framework, and concludes with suggestions for the most effective way to include youth health literacy in youth work practices in context of non-formal education. Go to the manual.

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