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Environmental Education

The program examines the social understanding of the sustainable development and further equips youth with an understanding of the current and/or future environmental issues; an open mind about the challenges to social, economic and environmental development and the foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes within these fields.


Our topics

Environmental Awareness: focus on social, economic, environmental development; developing actions that lead to the resolution of social economic, and environmental challenges. Environmental Skills and Attitudes: focuses on resolving environmental issues and enhancing the youth capacities to improve and maintain environmental quality.

Why do it!

The environment is everything that's around us. It has an impact on every aspect of our life and plays a central role in our existence. Our interdisciplinary TCs teach youth how to weigh various sides of any issue through critical thinking and enhance their problem-solving & decision-making skills, to make informed and responsible decisions.

How it works!

The results produced by the program are used by the Editorial to produce youth learning and training modules that respond to young people's learning needs. We aim to develop learning approaches to knowledge about women, men, and gender-related issues through innovative learning activities, theories, perspectives, & frameworks.

To achieve what!

The courses are Problem-solving-oriented and focus on generating new ideas, methods, and solutions towards our mindfulness. Thus, participants become familiar with social, economic & environmental development in non-formal education settings and the tool to apply it in practice. Further, develop ventures to transfer and apply skills.


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