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Peacemakers in Action

PiA-Peacemakers in Action is a 12-months-long project that seeks to establish an international social supporting network of young peace-builders, working to provide survivors of disasters, wars, oppression violence and violent conflicts with assistance and skills to build new and better lives within the communities and societies hosting them. 


Thus, the project seeks to explore alternative peace-building models in a young migrants, asylum seeker and/or refugee's perspective, to improve local young people and young migrants, asylum seeker and refugee overall participation in peace-building activities and counter narratives of violent extremism. The proposed models are based on: Peace-building Activities and Campaign Innovation Lab.


These are practical and outstanding non-formal learning methods to develop the project training courses into dynamic activities in such a way that skills are learned and perfected through practice. Further, the project seeks to challenge the attitudes that often portray youth either as victims or perpetrator of violence and further develop new narratives that address these negative perceptions and prejudices.


In this regard, project’s overall goal is to to establish PiA, to improve intellect, tools, capacities, skills, knowledge, and attitudes, essential to develop sustainable counter narrative or peace-building ventures. Thus, the project’s overall aim is to enhance counter narratives and peace-building knowledge, skills and attitudes of the staff within the consortium "whom are at the core of PiA long-term survival."


Therefore, the project output is PiA peace-building toolbox: a basic understanding of the nature of conflicts, in a multicultural society.

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