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Education For Peace

Through this programme, we examine individuals' social, cultural and political understanding of conflict transformation and violence prevention through the peace-building process to improve young and adult learners perception on how to transform conflict without resorting to violence from the art of waging peace perspective. Further, we analyse the peace-building knowledge gaps in the field of youth and adult education through non-formal learning practices.



Through the art of waging peace, we aim at creating peace-building activities, which promote a culture of peace from transforming violent conflicts, averting the outbreak of violence to achieving a genuine reconciliation. Further, we aim to address extremist narratives and violent radicalisation leading to extremism through the generic prevention with initiatives aiming to identify influencing factors and behaviours, to reduce risks and strengthen protective measures.


 Overall goal  

Wherever the people with different interests, needs, cultures, belief, etc. work and/or live together, there is always the potential for conflicts or differences. When a conflict is not properly transformed, it can escalate into violence. Our training courses aim at empowering youth and youth workers in the art of waging peace by strengthening their capacity in adopting peace-building methods in conflict transformation that aim to reduce tension and prevent violence in their work.


 Our approach  

To forster the art of waging peace, our training courses focus on creating and developing participatory training approaches to peacebuilding in the context of youth work whether during peace, conflicts or post-conflicts time. The tools and strategies analysis exhibit a variety of approaches to develop such skills, from basic know-how to more complex and specialised training activities on theories and processes of conflict resolution, violence prevention and reconciliation.


 Achieving impact  

Our training courses prepare both youth and youth workers to integrate the art of waging peace in their youth work or practices through the study of conflicts, freedoms, violence, violent radicalisation and extremism. They are creating peacebuilding interventions encompassing the knowledge and skills to identify, analyse, and address conflicts and extremism by enabling the learner to develop effective communication skills necessary to express personal beliefs or opinions in a respectful manner towards others. Explore more here!

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