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Gender Education

The program examines social understanding of gender concept and further, equips youth with an understanding of today’s diverse and multicultural societies; an open mind about the challenges of gender issues and gender difference socially and culturally and foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes in the field of Gender Studies.


Our topics

Gender, Sex and Society: examines sex & gender, and the crucially important role society plays in the construction and maintenance of gender norms and sexual practices. Gender, Sexuality, and Cultures: examines the makings of masculinity, femininity, as well as sexuality through typical representation of gender in a multicultural society.

Why do it!

Gender has impact on nearly every aspect of life and plays a role in the most of today's crucial discussions. Our interdisciplinary training courses prepare youth to examine complex constructions of gender throughout history, time, in different cultural context, and in varying social processes, so that they could contribute to the conversation.

How it works!

The results produced by the program are used by the Editorial to produce youth learning and training modules that respond to young people's learning needs. We aim to develop learning approaches to knowledge about women, men, and gender-related issues through innovative learning activities, theories, perspectives, & frameworks.

To achieve what!

The courses are Gender-problem-oriented and focus on generating new ideas, methods, and solutions towards gender diversity. Thus, participants become familiar with the gender concept in non-formal education settings and the tool to apply it through practice. Further, they are able to develop social ventures to transfer and apply skills.


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