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Gender Education

Through this programme, we examine the social and cultural understanding of gender concept from an intersectional perspective. Through empowerment, capacity strengthening, awareness-raising and advocacy in our training, we aim at creating learning opportunities for young and adult learners on the crucially important role society and its culture play in the construction and maintenance of gender norms, roles, relations, expressions, sexual identities.




In the field of gender, sexuality, and culture, we aim to examine the makings of masculinity, femininity and sexuality from the typical and the conventional representation of gender expressions and sexual identities in a multicultural society. In the field of sexual and gender-based violence prevention, we aim at fostering primary preventive and response measures through gender literacy by addressing social norms or behaviours that tolerate gender-based violence through community-based interventions. 


 Overall goal  

Gender has impact on nearly every aspect of life and does play a major role in the most of today's crucial discussions on equal opportunities and rights. Our interdisciplinary training courses prepare youth workers and youth to examine the complex constructions of gender throughout history and time as well as in different cultural contexts and social processes, so that they can contribute to positive impact of inclusion and gender diversity on the broader community.


 Our approach  

To facilitate the analysis on gender, sexuality and culture, our training focus on interventions capable of dismantling the typical, conventional representation of gender expressions and sexual identities from an intersectional perspective. To foster response and preventive measures to effects of sexual and gender-based violence, the training courses focus on personal aspect of gender-based violence by bringing attention to its survivors and its impact on society.


 Achieving impact  

Our interdisciplinary training courses are gender-problem-oriented and focus on facilitating youth and youth workers' empowerment in generating new ideas, methods and solutions towards cultural and gender diversity. Therefore, youth organisations are implementing gender-oriented training in their works through a participatory, gender-sensitive, and human rights-based approach to foster gender literacy as an essential means of education to prevent, expose and respond to gender issues. Explore more here!

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