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Feminists alliance for gender equality

The project Feminist Alliance for Good Information on Gender Equality aims to identify how human rights are protected and how human rights violations are highlighted to youth, looking at how the mechanisms for protecting human rights and preventing violence, including sexual and gender-based violence, are introduced at the level of non-formal education. The goal is to improve the understanding of the principles of human rights and equal treatment, sharing experiences on incorporating a gender perspective in human rights education.


The experience of many of us is fear for democracy, and the concern about the application of human rights, feeling that gender equality and equal treatment are under threat. Activists and leaders are overwhelmed by discouragement, doubts, a sense of loneliness, and even a lack of meaning in their initiatives. These are the people who are targeted by this project. The most important need in the face of the activist crisis is getting a sense of support, building a community, and being together. We want to strengthen the capacity of equality activist groups and facilitate them to create a bond, a community that is equipped to tackle sexist, gendered disinformation based on the principles of human rights and equal treatment. 


We are guided by the conviction, supported by experience of the 2020/2021 "Black Protests" in Poland that issues of gender equality, equal treatment, and women's rights must be a common cause of young and old, both highly committed and those who weakly identify with feminist ideas. Thus, direct beneficiaries of the project's activities are people from Bedzin, Bystra, Chorzow and Chybie communities, who are interested in the topics of feminism, gender equality. The project activities are aimed especially at socially engaged leaders, and those who have impact on their local community. It is thus them who will implement initiatives on women's rights and gender equality. And through a summer camp, we are committed to strengthening their leadership skills.

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