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Mission participation, young citizen podcasters

The aim of the project is to engage young citizens in participatory activities and building democratic culture, by creating a space for young social activists and citizen journalists in the form of an Internet portal and a podcast channel. An e-book on social activism of young people will also be created. The idea of the project emerged as a result of conversations with young inhabitants of the cities during our participatory projects. Thanks to them, we found out that young people have many ideas for changes in their immediate environment. However, they lack inspiration and experience.


On website and podcast channel, we will present micro-stories and interviews with social activists, initiators of changes in their local communities. We will focus on actions, projects whose strength is simplicity or which are possible to carry out, making them more engaging and motivating though a participatory website aimed at young people. The website will include podcasts created by the project while tips for young social activists will be available on a podcast channel on Spotify. The project aims to produce 50 podcasts on activities of young social activists and workshops series for young citizen journalists on social activism, social ecology, and podcast creation: 24 citizen journalists will be trained; an e-book on social activism of young people, 2 livestreaming on participatory issues, and final conference will also be produced.


Our work will focus on consultation on workshop programmes for 24 young citizen journalists; preparation of 3 interviews-based podcasts with activists from Norway; preparation of part of the e-book on participatory experiences of young people in Norway; and project’s visibility and dissemination though our websites and social media networks. The part of the e-book will look at how young people are involved in pro-social activities in Norway: whether and how young people in Norway engage in social activism themselves through examples of activities and good practices.

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