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Youth health literacy

The project seeks to advocate for a youth work that meets the youth’s health literacy needs through inclusion and diversity; by using approaches that offer potential for reaching out to and engaging with youth to claim and exercise their rights to health in relation to EU’s Youth Health Policies. There is growing evidence that health and literacy are closely linked, and therefore, influence parameters of youth inclusion and diversity such as inequality, discrimination, power relations, and income levels.


In our context, youth health literacy in youth work by non-formal educational practice is a strategy to contribute to the improvement of youth community’s health, participation, and well-being where health is the basic human right that guarantees youth autonomy and responsibility for their health and well-being. Despite its immense benefits, many young people across Europe face difficulties in finding, understanding, evaluating, using health information to manage their health, especially sexual and mental health. Hence, our goal is to identify which health literacy tools, habits, and skills that are relevant to youth and how those habits and skills can be translated into healthy behaviours and lifestyles that lead to a greater social, physical, sexual, and mental well-being.


Our objective is to develop Open Education Resources to strengthen youth's capacity to becoming aware of the health problems that affect them; acquire an understanding of those health problems, their consequences and how they can deal with them; acquire the skills needed to address physical, sexual, and mental health problems; and develop a sense of responsibility and urgency to ensure that appropriate actions are taken to solve sexual and mental health problems. To meet this objective, we seek to develop a set of five Intellectual Outputs: IO1. Youth health literacy; IO2. Youth mental health; IO3. Drug abuse and young people's well-being; IO4. Gender, Sexuality, and Sexual health; and IO5. Digital-based youth-friendly health information.

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